Tuesday, June 8, 2021

My Divine Masculine Honored At the Priestess Empowering Retreat

Hello Lovely People! - This time, mainly Goddesses.
Since the beginning of my Tantric Path about 15 years ago, I followed the call to support women liberation, to empower the Goddesses, to bring for them healing, growing in Love, expanding in ecstasy.
Shortly after, I discovered I have to begin with my own Inner Goddess - my feminine energy. Since then, I worship her as inside as outside.
I feel honoured by the trust of the Priestesses, the women, participants in this summit to be the first man allowed to take part in this sacred, unique event. I wish to empower them with my and our Divine, Mature, Masculine energy honouring Divine Feminity.

I will "Embody Divine Masculine on Your Priestess Path" just after my Beloved Trisha Croft will "Alchemize Your Priestess Path with Goddess Isis". There would be a lot of more wisdom, love, magic shared by other world-known empowered women at the 2nd edition of Online Retreat:
Sacred Path of the Priestess.
- Unlock Your True Potential and Embody your sacred leadership!
Do not miss it!

Michal Kali Griks

Monday, June 7, 2021

Economy Of Love

This is another fragment of my book "Conversations with God and Goddess within and outside."

The Economy of Love.

People are generous because the universe(you?) is generous with them, and the universe is generous because you are generous. Everything circulates when we allow it to. Give, and it would be given to you. Let's circulate love, generosity, gratitude, freedom...

The best way to become abundant and is to share the abundance with the other.
Share and care!
We are all one!

When you share abundance, it means you have it. Think about what you can share and do it. Even if it's just a smile - it may mean a lot for someone to who you give it.
Abundance may exist only when you are able to share it. When you are afraid of sharing, it means that you are living in a lack mentality. What are you afraid of?

It's lack mentality that holds us back from sharing, that is making us greedy and selfish.

There is enough food on this planet. In a vegan way, we could feed five more planets. Why are people starving then?

An unhealthy selfish ego gets in the way.
A healthy ego is about loving yourself the way that it nourishes your partner, your family, even all humanity. Real love circulates. It's never stagnated.

This is an old paradigm that you may love yourself by hurting others. It's a lie conditioned to us that we may grow in love by not caring for our partner, family, friends, nature, hungry children, animals, humanity...

This that MY life, MY family, MY home, MY car, MY money, MY nation, MY race is more important than others is coming from conditioned to us illusion of separation. When we start to share, when we connect to others, this illusion will begin to melt more and more. We will experience oneness.

The old conditioning would fail, would melt into this experience of reality.

True lovers, Friends or family knows that when we share, we both have more (explore more concept of Love Economy).

Show this wisdom with others throughout your life. It is the highest time for humanity to hear, liberate, grow and expand in the ecstasy abundance and freedom.

5.6.2021 Koh Phangan
Michal Kali Griks

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tantra Movement School Program March and April

Hello Lovely People!
We are happy to announce that we are back with our intensive program to fit all interested in Tantra. We proudly invite you to our extended, renewed Temple. Check the program and jump in!  

Connection Evening
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Thu Mar 5, 6:00pm
Conscious Relationship 6 Days Course
Tantra Movement
Sat Mar 6, 11:00am
Connection Evening on Consent, Boundaries, Awareness
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Sun Mar 14, 6:00pm
Introduction to Tantra Massage 3 Days Course.TM1
Tantra Movement
Tue Mar 16, 11:00am
Taste Of Tantra Connection Evening
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Sun Mar 21, 6:00pm
Aspects of Love. Module 1/4 - Introduction
Tantra Movement
Tue Mar 23, 11:00am
Connection Evening on Consent, Boundaries, Awareness
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Sun Mar 28, 6:00pm
Neo Tantra Massage. Yoni and Lingam Massage.TM2
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Mon Mar 29, 11:00am
Connection Evening
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Thu Apr 1, 6:00pm
Conscious Relationship 6 Days Course
Tantra Movement
Sat Apr 3, 11:00am
Connection Evening on Consent, Boundaries, Awareness
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Sun Apr 11, 6:00pm
Connection Evening
Tantra Movement Coco Villa Center
Thu Apr 22, 6:00pm
Conscious Relationship 6 Days Course
Tantra Movement
Sat Apr 24, 11:00am
Tantra Teacher Course
Tantra Movement
Mon May 10, 11:00am
Tantra Teacher Course
Tantra Movement
Tue Oct 19, 11:00am

Michal Kali Griks

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Conscious Relationships as best way of living

Especially Conscious Relationships are making us growing faster in Love, sexuality, spirituality and tantra.
So when you're not in the relationship connecting with someone are you not wasting your time and life?
Think and meditate to answer your self this crucial question what, I wish may change your life.
Koh Phangan 9.1.2021
Michal Kali Griks

Friday, December 18, 2020

Sharing gifts for beloved ones and yourself! Tantra For Couples Online Course, Free PDF, Videos & more to celebrate Christmas, Solstice & New Year

Let's celebrate together! We share Tantra For Couples Online Course, Best Tantra Practices, Free PDF, New Year Celebration Invite, Videos & more
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Hello Lovely People!
Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year

Let us celebrate together.

We work hard but with a great passion for finishing this year together with you in the best ways. Here are your gifts which you may enjoy and share them with those who you love.

The Online Tantra For Couples Course was a journey of our relationship into working together connection. It made us grow in beautiful ways, and we are proud at Christmas to share this Love and energy with you. It's professional, made in such a beautiful location, packed with our wisdom and knowledge in the forms of exercises, theory, texts, videos, assignments. I wish we could nourish, strengthen, or even save your relationship with our precious creation.
We even amazed ourselves sometimes, what our connection was channelling for you in this course :)

Then gift for everyone. The practice of Sublimation, bringing the energy up instead of losing it. Now, we are giving for you and humanity this essential practice of Tantra. To make the world a better place, we share this beautiful PDF with the videos to guide you into this "Use it, Don't Lose It" method. Be part of this rE<OLution and reshare it. <3

Then an invitation to share life at one of the best events of the year "One Tribe Festival," three days, New Year Celebration, a shared co-creation of the best teachers, musicians, shamans, healers, performers, DJ's of our beautiful paradise, spiritual vortex island Koh Phangan. We would be happy to share the Conscious Relating workshop with you just before the 2020/2021 shift.
Let's celebrate!
Golden Thought between the announcements:

Conscious Relationship as Tantra is one of the most powerful paths to grow, in my opinion.

 Because you love your partner soooo much,
this Love helps you to bite your unhealthy ego
and let go of attachments in order to grow and rise in Love

- Michal 2020

The Art of Spiritual Love

Join our Tantra Couples Retreat Online
- Get your Christmas gift

Are you yearning to bring more magic, reignite the fire, the passion and bring sacred sexuality into your relationship?

To bring back the sensual pleasures and the depth of LOVE, playfulness, friendship, freedom, tenderness, trust and intimacy into your daily lives and the bedroom again?

Our Tantra couples retreat offers you ancient and juicy practices of Sacred Tantra to continually awaken and take your relationship to the next level, to deepen the LOVE and unite your soul on fire.

Get away from the mundane life by escaping to our lushest online retreat, Rekindle your relationship in paradise as you learn tools to resolve conflict, triggers and challenges to exploring spiritual love, erotic ecstasy and full-body orgasms.

Book Now


  • The art of Spiritual Love
  • Tantra for Couples
  • Men's Corner – learn to be a better lover and last longer in the bedroom, non-ejaculation and sacred practices and techniques and so much more.
  • Women's Corner – Learn the multitude of orgasms from cervix, g-spot squirting. Unlock the potential of your yoni and to unleash you creativity. Secret divine feminine Tantrica techniques and practices and so much more.
  • Raising the Kundalini energy
  • Learn the art – full body Orgasms
  • Tantra Massage
  • Yoni Massage
  • Lingam Massage
  • Tantra Communication
  • Sacred ritual and tantric practices
  • How to initiate intimacy
Book Now



More about the Course

We are Trisha Croft and Michal Kali Griks. We considering ourselves as a happy, loving couple, who is constantly growing on the spiritual, sexual, relationship and other levels.

Our experience is so beautiful and powerful that we decided to share it with you. We want to empower, to improve, to bring back the spark, never-ending honeymoon and more and more unconditional Love to your relationship as well.

That's why we are creating this course for couples. Our main intentions are to guide you on how to love better what is one of the main purposes of Tantra ( Life ? )

We introduce you to a conscious relationship, what is about using the power of our union for creating even more love for ourselves and our Beloved.

Thankful of the techniques of ancient and modern Tantra, we guide you to: liberate from the conditioning, what you didn't choose, we guide you to heal from the past wounds what are affecting our lives, we guide you to expand in Love and grow in ecstasy.

That's why other intentions of our course are to transform your sexuality from typical sex, what very often is connected to shame, guilt, past traumas and addictions, to transform it into Tantric Love Making, what, we often call as Sacred Sexuality; the most beautiful, most intimate, closest and most energizing expression of more and more unconditional Love.

What would you learn and experience its: female tantric anatomy, all different types of orgasms, satisfying, long-lasting Love-making, non-ejaculatory mastery, Tantric Massage, what would include yoni and lingam massage. We would practice tantric Love communication tools what will bring even more connection and understanding into your relationship.

To further expand the freedom and wholeness of your union, through dance and rituals, we would guide you to learn experience and explore different archetypes and polarities.

We would guide you into Divine, Mature Feminine and Masculine energies within you and your relationship.

To give even more flavour and spice to your life and relationship, we would share with you various ways of Love-making, what some of you heard just from the movies or books. Of course, everything in sacred, safe, respectful and tantric ways.

Our main ways of teaching are experiential, so you will get a lot of instructing videos and theory about practice, what you as homework, you will have to practice with your partner. Through full-filled assignments, step by step, we would guide you through your process, your joyful journey on the tantric path.

You can participate alone, with a partner, or both as you will have the recording, so you could practice with the recording multiple times.

We would be there for you whenever you feel the need for support in your process.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Trisha and Michal


Use It. Don't Lose It. Method

Free PDF - click to download

This booklet is about one of the most essential tantric practices in tantric sexuality.

It's about sublimation - bringing the energy up instead of wasting it. At the "spiritual market," it has a catchy name: "Non-ejaculatory Mastery" but it is half true because it doesn't refer just for the men but to the women as well.

A similar method is called "Microcosmic Orbit" in Sexual Tao, and because my way has some small improvements and differences, I call it "Use it. Don't Lose It".

I guarantee, when you apply it, it will change your entire life on all levels. My Love (d), my daughter, Tantra and particularly mainly this method are the most things what I have most gratitude in my life.

Now I'm sharing it for free with the wish it will influence your life so good as it did with my life. "Use It. Don't lose it".


Don't miss the best creation of our lovely island:

One Tribe
Three days Festival
New Year Celebration

Common gift of teachers, musicians, healers, performers, magicians, DJs and you.

Since 3 years it's my must go, the best time of the year. I wish I could be One Tribe with you too in those special days.

Again we will give you another beautiful workshop: This time would be about Conscious Connection, at Pyramid 2 in Thursday, 31 December, 6-8 PM. 

We would very appreciate when you support us by simply using this link or by saying our name (Michal Kali Griks) by purchasing the ticket online or in some other locations. 
Thank you <3

More about the Conscious Connection workshop:
How many of us are aware of our connections?
We are all longing to connect. That's why we are here.
To connect:
-Within ourself: Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine.
-With your (future?) partner.
-With ONE TRIBE, community.
-With Nature, Universe and all.
We are all one. We would love to guide you to experience it.
We invite you to consciously connect beyond "facebook friendship", and beyond <3 just through the internet.
Is it a better way of celebrating?

We love to share with you.
Trisha Croft  (Light Of Lemuria)
And Michal Kali Griks (Tantra Movement)
One Tribe


There is another occasion to celebrate: Tantra Movement YouTube Channell riched 3000 Subscribers. Yooooopieeee!

Thank you for being with us
Thank you for watching.

That's why here the playlists where I share the most of myself.
Enjoy, get inspired and share Love further with those videos.

Let it circulate! 

Use it, don't lose it! 

As part of 3000 subscribers and all other celebrations, I would like to share my Gratitude to my Teachers, who I managed to capture at our Tantra Movement Channel. To those, I dedicate this "Gratitude to Our Teachers Playlist"
Spread love in the world!
Michal Kali Griks

Tantra Movement School introduces you to the path of tantric practice and lifestyle. It's a way of deep experience, abandoning concepts, exchanging energy, gaining awareness and entering a truly intimate relationship with yourself and others. It expands you to the deepest and highest levels of love and ecstasy through exploring all dimensions possible to you. From the place where you are, we support you on your journey of growing into your full potential.

We facilitate our workshops and retreats mainly on the beautiful paradise, tantric, spiritual vortex island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

We love to see you in one of our life-changing Retreats – join us!
If you have any questions, CONTACT US!


Thank you
for reading

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