Sunday, June 1, 2014

New School Of Tantra Movement practical leaflet

Here you may download pdf version to print and share.
This one you may give as birthday gift to the person who you love or/and care
They're also available in organic shops, some of the spiritual and cultural centers...

The main vision of School Of Tantra Movement is spreading the love. It is most
important thing in our life and the biggest power in changing the world in to a better
place.For us sexuality is most close,most intimate and most beautiful expression of love.

This is what we are sharing on our workshops but also shortly on this leaflet:

Few advice to improve your life ( so, the life of the others as well )
Love yourself - this is the first step to love the others
Increase intimacy - not only in your bed but in your whole life
Prioritise your relationship - I believe love is most important for you too. Never forget about it.

PC muscle: Training the PC muscle, sometimes called "muscles of love" is one of the most simple but also most
efficient and beneficial technique, what people can get from tantra. There are many health, physical, mental and
sexual benefits of training that muscles.
When you next time go to the toilet, on every in breath stop urinating.  Recognise clearly what muscles are you using.
That's PC muscle. When you know them, squeeze them and relax them 20 times, 3 times per day. Like with every
practise build it slowly. Every day increase till 30, 40, 50...till you would be able to do it at least for 3 minutes.
Keep on practise. As you will notice training the PC muscle is not visible for others and doesn't take your attention,
so its perfect to do in all possible situations ( I'm doing it even, when I'm writing this text :) I bet with everyone that
after one month training, you would be thankful for that information... and I didn't loosed yet :)

Breathing: Observe your breath as often and as long as you can. It will calm you, detoxify you, energise you.
It will increase your concentration and health. It will bring you to the here and now. It may open you for other
dimensions not only in your love making but in your entire life.

Eat less meat,diary and more fruits, vegetables, organic, local, vegan, raw... and enjoy it with full awareness!

       One gram of practice is worth more than 1000 of theory...
                              So use it, don't loose it

We offer :
workshops for all,
for relationship,
massage courses,
lectures by us or/and other teachers,
private sessions and massages.

You can find out more here :

Do not hesitate to ask the questions:


Love and Light
Michal Marek Griks

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