Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Massages by Michal Marek Griks

Most important is connection. Bringing myself and you in to the state of energetic merging. If we are able to achieve that, everything will flow how it suppose to.
Deep healing may appear. Healing of your past, your presence, your future, healing of your body, your heart and your spirit, healing of your femininity and masculinity, healing of all other aspect of your life.
Deep sexual pleasure may occur too. In tantra we welcome sexual energy. Yes, we worship this sacred and creative power by keeping it in, instead of releasing and loosing it. We bring that energy called ecstasy in to the higher levels of your being like to the heart, that you will become more loving, or to the throat that your communication will improve, or to the head that you will become more creative. Its all up to us and energy flow.
Thankful that you may experience ecstasy not only in your genitals but also in all other parts of your body. Your life may never be the same ;)
Massage what I offer may be called tantric, intuitive, flow massage. Depends from the needs, I'm mixing in it techniques like Sexual Tao massage, Kundalini massage, Tibetan Pulsing massage, Kashmiric massage, Kum Nye massage and others.

Basicaly every type of the massage what I teach I may give you on the private session.

So you may choose also between:
"Magic of Tantric Massage" - Introduction to tantric massage
Kashmiric Dance Massage
Tantric Massage within a relationship
Breathing in Shiva Shakti position
Neo Tantric Massage

Full Body Orgasm Massage without touching 
Detailed description you may find it here. Just notice that they''re written intentionally for the course, so you have to "translate them in your head" in to the private session circumstancess
And my speciality is: Tantra Movement Massage http://tantramovement.blogspot.nl/2015/05/tantric-movement-massage-intensive_7.html

Price of my massages are:
1,5 hour - 110 E
2 hour - 140 E
2,5 - 170 E
3 - 200 E
4 - 250 E

Do not hesitate to make appointment or to ask further questions.
Michal Marek Griks
phone 0(031) 684955749 but please never talk to a voicemail - better use sms, email or call me later

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