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Tantra Teachers and Students Guide: All Aspect of Life - All Aspect of Tantra

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With next update (24.07.2017) of my book "All Aspects of Tantra - All Aspects of Life. Students and Teachers Guide" I wish change humanity. It is first time when teachings how to teach tantra are shared so openly.  We live in the times when we need quick, efficient solutions to make a world a better place.

Here I explained content included on 180 pages A4, supported by more than 40 instructional videos and interviews with most of great teachers at Rasayana Tantra Academy
1.Intro to get feelings
Here I wrote, what are main intentions of writing this book. Why I feel is important to share my wisdom so openly? Why I believe this book could be one of the solution for nowadays times on personal, relationship, social, global and all others possible levels ?
2.Teachings For Students and Teachers
Workshop after workshop, exercise after exercise I share with you all practice, what I''m teaching at my courses. I explain, why I''m doing them, what effects they have at the students and the teachings itself. I point what needs our attentions and how to avoid mistakes or/and obstacles. In that way supporting myself with videos I share whole structure and practice of two our main courses
a) All Aspects Of Tantra - All Aspects Of Life
b) Tantric Massage
c) Further in this section I explain a bit other courses what we give
3. Teachings for Teachers
Here I share my insights and requirements about how to become good Tantra Teacher. I share some advice , what is important while you share the wisdom of tantra. In this chapter I also give some advice for masseurs and assistants in Tantra Movement School.
4. Leaflets
Here you may read our all smaller publications, what are interesting because we don't use them only to attract people but we share there useful advice and information, what we wish may change peoples life even when they''re not ready yet to attend the workshops.
5. My Education mainly at at Rasayana Tantra Academy.
Here I share all my Reports from my all retreats during my education in Rasayana Tantra Academy in Netherlands. I share here descriptions of workshops of many teachers, what I had honour to meet. I'm happy to share my Gratitude to all of them at the pages of this book. 
Their beautiful inspiration, what I got from them I'm passing to you.
In this section I also share my all written exams and works, what I had to create at my study. Big essays about
Classical Tantra
Tantric Ethics
Neo Tantric Massage
Kum Nye, Tibetan Tantric Massage
- each of them is a little book itself
6. My Own Process
Through exposing my old articles and writings I would like to show that everyone had start somewhere. Some of the things I could be a shame of. There were some blind roads, some mistakes, challenges and realisations in my tantric life. Still I decided to share them with you. Especially for beginning teachers and students to inspire them to not to be afraid of doing mistakes, take the risks and to pick up the challenges.
7. History and Politics
Why Tantra Movement got born ? What are our aspirations, visions and dreams ? How it develops ? How it evolve ? What are our community projects ? How and why our school is growing ? What is main idea behind Tantra Movement ? What are our principles and points of views ? What differentiate us from other tantra teachers ? What things we have in common ?
For those and other questions you may find answers here, in this chapter.
8. 10 best
9. Wish
Usually, when you connected with us, you may get this kind of birthday or new year wishes from us :) <3
10. How to contact us.
There are many ways. Best all ways possible ;)

Price 100 Euro
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Use it don´t loose it , Share Love and Enjoy !
Michal Kali Griks and Alina Simuleac

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